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All About Plumbing

Getting the plumbing skills that you want requires some serious self-study on your own. There are exceptions however, for someone who is handy, plumbing can come naturally to you.

The five different types of plumbing are service, residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial. Formal learning on plumbing is structured within a four year span of two months discussion in class and the rest on experiential learning. Although there is no maximum number of years for you to finish your plumbing course, schools are strict when it comes to the maximum residency rule; going beyond the expected years might lead to dismissal. You can stop for one semester or two and get extended until your fifth year of training. If not expulsion, you might be asked to repeat a year if you gone beyond the residency in the plumbing course.

The type of tools you will be using depends on the type of plumbing work you will do. If that is the case, only prepare the tools that will be used for the plumbing job you are in.

Plumbing job consists of the following services: drain cleaning, leak repairs, sink and toilet repair & replacement, and faucet repair & replacement. To become excellent at the mentioned services, overlearning is expected of you. A certain level of expertise on the plumbing skills will be achieved as you study seriously those skills on your own. A drywall screw, Allen wrench, tape measure, pipe cutter, crimper, torch, pex cutter, hacksaw, adjustable pliers, basic wrench, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, knife, hammer, and screwdriver are the tools of a plumber. The list of tools gets you covered on each plumbing job. Some specialized plumbing jobs requires a jig saw, cast iron cutters, drill, and a reciprocating saw. The hand tools are most useful when the plumbing job is simpler like a replacement. The power tools on the other hand are most useful when the plumbing job is more complicated. A local hardware store or rental outlet is a good source for the tools you do not have. In doing some plumbing job on your own, you should expect a longer time for you to finish it. The plumbing job duration is very long for a plumber who has not brought his tools to the job. Think about everything that you need first before proceeding to the plumbing job you are about to do. When the plumbing job is too much for you, another plumber can help you but tell the plumber to bring everything that he or she needs so that the job would be finished faster if it can be helped. Communicate with the plumber you hire for the job, so that the both of you can reach an understanding as to how long the work will be done.

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